Key Things to Know About Soccerverse

  • It's a massively multiplayer, community-driven football management simulator and trading game.
  • League matches are played Saturday and Wednesday, while cup and shield games are played on Monday.
  • Owning and trading club and player shares is a key part of the game.
  • Club shareholders receive dividends based on the club's income.
  • Clubs receive more income if they are in a higher division and perform well on the pitch.
  • Player shareholders receive dividends based on players’ wage, which in turn is based on their rating.
  • Player ratings can go up and down based on how they perform in real life.
  • You can play as a manager or agent if shareholders appoint you. You then receive a weekly wage.
  • Managers set team tactics, negotiate transfer deals, and negotiate with agents.
  • Agents can negotiate new contracts with better wages for their players or demand a transfer.
  • - Player ratings can change.
    - New players are introduced or retired from the game to reflect real life.
    - Clubs are promoted/relegated to higher/lower divisions.
    - Finally, a new season starts and new fixtures are created.