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End of Season Events

There are a few events at the end of every season:
  1. 1.
    League, cup and shield winners & prizes announced
  2. 2.
    Player contract renewal or non-renewal
  3. 3.
    Club debt payments
  4. 4.
    Prize money awarded
  5. 5.
    Old players retire & new players join
  6. 6.
    Player ratings changes
  7. 7.
    Clubs promoted/relegated to higher/lower divisions
  8. 8.
    Club Debt


Prizes for winning in the leagues, cup and shield are awarded. They include trophies and cash prizes.

Player Contract Renewal

Player contracts are either renewed or not. Players whose contracts aren’t renewed move to the Free Bench at the end of the season if their contracts expire.

Club Debt Payments

All club debts are paid off. See “Resolving End-of-Season Debt” for more information.

Prize Money Awarded

Provided that the prize money wasn’t used to pay off club debt, the club, its shareholders, and its player shareholders split the prize money 89.8% / 10% / 0.2%, respectively.

Old Players Retire & New Players Join

At the end of each season, some old players retire while new players join. New players start in the Free Bench.

Player Ratings Changes

At the end of each season, player ratings may change up or down, depending on their real world performance.

Clubs Promoted/Relegated to Higher/Lower Divisions

Depending upon a club’s performance, it can advance to a higher division, or be relegated to a lower division. Higher divisions are more profitable for shareholders and managers.

Club Debt

At the end of the season it is possible that some clubs are in debt if the manager did not properly take care of the club’s finances.
The autonomous debt resolution process minimises damage to the club. The steps proceed in order until all debt is paid off.
  1. 1.
    League, cup, and shield prize money goes to the club’s debt first and then to the club and shareholders if any prize money remains.
  2. 2.
    The club’s top player is sold on the transfer market to pay off debt and reduce the outgoing expenses (player’s wage).
  3. 3.
    If the club falls below the minimum of 21 players, it receives free low-ranked players from the Free Bench.

Prize Money for Paying Debts

If a club wins any prize money from its league or a cup or shield, debtors are first in line for that money.
If there is any prize money left after paying off all debts, then the remainder goes to the club, its shareholders, and its player shareholders split the prize money 89.8% / 10% / 0.2%, respectively.
Since this represents a financial loss for shareholders, they may wish to find someone better to replace their club’s manager. See the section on voting for more information.